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As I and a couple of my newly aquired crew of Rocker bee’s gear up to embark on 2013’s second leg of the Scott Weiland and The Wildabout’s PURPLE TO THE CORE TOUR, I am enthralled to wrap up a package plights experienced as a die hard STP (uh, when there wasn’t a featuring xyz in the title of show promos. No offense Chester, Eric, Dean or Robert. Indeed we will be sending my lovely assistant in my place tomore neutrally bring covergae of the AC show to cover it and meet with the remaining memebers of STP & Chester B. Damn I am fair!! ;)

Truth is: After lots of inner debate, I want my readers to hear a balanced account of the years events, but like a kid caught in a nasty divorce, I seem to admittedly have gravitated naturally to picking my preffered cutodial music parent. And its Weiland. Just a single ‘kid’ of millions, millions of stp pre 2013 fans, I have that attachment and closeness that clings to the voice and lyrics. My Wildabout step family is kickass, welcoming and respectfull of my absent parent. Always has been.  And the rest of my estranged parent band isolated and forced fans to take sides with the nasty handling; that seriously just pissed me off. Made the preference clear. One envirments respectful and pleasant, caring to honor the absent parties. One  not so much, and that is a shame. To dress up a stepmom who is pretty awesome when not being held out as a clone replacement, kinda sux. Even tho I miss the STP fam all together, remain a fan of the musicality of Robert, Eric and Dean, its still too fresh to stomache the approach to continuing on under the family name.

So intead you will meet Goobic, my understatedly beautiful, down to earth, open minded think machine of a Rocker Assistant as we progress through Weiland tour stops, trailed in turn by STP featuring Chester B. That coverage will be brought to you by a far more neutral source than I. If u all start to call me fair, balanced and infer journalistic impeccability, I may barf. Just like I would at a non Scott STP show. I dont attend live backer band karaoke presicely to avoid drunk poor massacres of Sex Type Thing, and Ive complained on the bar next door but once. When the loudness imparted a wretched cover band vocal  interp of Dead and Bloated. Yeah, its not entirely correct to expect Connie Chung journalistic motivation behind my 360 coverage fair and balanced choice. Im not into the gossip of the downfall of my fave band, but Im never into keeping my opinions at bay either. So there is little doubt I will opine on the new line up and how I see it. Perhaps my nobility lay only in anticipating my own commentary and getting ready to justify it. Or maybe I may  be surprised and love it. But, come on now. I have YouTube and generally two eyes and ears taking notes….

There is one known quotient to this RockerGirls end of summer agenda tho, and that is the series of shows on my plate this week as I reenter the Wildabouts wicked garden of beautiful music, musicianship, showmanship and emotion filled experience of the frontman of dychotomy, backed by some awesome musicians that demonstrate humor, loyalty and skill, is always a show. Scott Weiland is who he is and always has been. It got me thinking about the painted views of him and how I may differ from popmedia interpretations. I came up the thought of wisteria for some reason. I looked up the meaning. Its a good one.

Some do call the vine like flower generating shrubbery of the wisteria a weed. Its noted to to encroach the pristine, more conservative and contained, planned for and predictable plants in traditional landscape. I say fucking A: Sounds like a hell of a frontman I know. And he is headed back to the top his way. And I wish a few more would stand up and say loudly, power to him. Maybe you didnt plant Weiland and The Wildabouts in your yard, but if your the type that can accept unexpected delights: then you will be glad they came to your yard.

Wisteria: n 1. any climbing shrub belonging to the genusWisteria, of the legume family, having showy, pendent clusters of blue-violet, white, purple, or rose flowers.

Tonight, Long Island. Paramount Theatre Huntington NY. 8pm. Tickets available at scottweiland.com

See ya on the road RockerFam.